10 Secrets to success in 2020

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10 Secrets To Success

Our brains have the ability to process very large amounts of information on a daily basis. The subconscious mind is constantly processing and analyzing the millions of pieces of data our brain takes in on a daily basis. Many believe that the subconscious brain is completely out of our control and any attempt to influence it is a waste of time. I’m here to tell you that you can take control of the subconscious mind and train it in a way that serves your life goals. That’s where the Law of Attraction comes in. This universal law has been used for centuries by the great political and business leaders of our time. Through the process of controlling our thought patterns, over time, one can begin to forge their own destiny.

Many people attempt to master the subconscious mind but quit after they don’t see immediate results. The fact of the matter is that all change happens quickly, and repetition and time are the only way to influence the brain.
The law of attraction isn’t magical term hat suddenly will allow the universe to begin dumping money on your lap. In order to succeed, you have to actively feed the brain with the correct information. All of us have narratives, limiting beliefs, values, and other paradigms which control the inner landscape of our mind. The process of discovering these layers and apply this universal law takes time, but the results are magnificent.

1. Work on Deep Breathing and Mediation

In order to change your mind, you must begin to recognize your thought patterns. Utilize the meditative process to go inside. By focusing on your deep breathing you begin to realize things about yourself that you otherwise would never know.

2. Become Aware of Your Thought Patterns

For most people, your brain is constantly thinking about things related or unrelated to your current situation. Begin to notice what you concentrate on and what your attention goes too. If you are looking to achieve big lofty goals in life, it’s important to focus on these goals on a daily basis. If your brain is cluttered with other things that do not serve your purpose in life, then simply take note of these thoughts and explore them at a deeper level.

3. Monitor Stress and Anxiety Levels

Bob Proctor teaches us that stress, fear, and anxiety are all negative states. These states are usually due to external factors but create a vibrational frequency internally that controls everything in our life. Most people’s daily lives are filled with stress and anxiety which can damage your ability to use the law of attraction. The creative plane is where the magic happens which is the exact opposite of fear.

4. Remove Negative Influencers From Your Life

Negative people emit a vibration that will affect you while you are in their presence. Their energy permeates out into the cosmos and will affect anyone in their general area. It is my strong belief that you should avoid negative people at all costs. My goal is to constantly stay in a positive vibrational state and this is best done by surrounding yourself with others who are in similar states.

5. Use Yoga To Quiet The Mind

Through the practice of Yoga you can develop stronger willpower, calm the mind, and increase flexibility. Yoga is a powerful tool because it forces you to calm the mind and go inside. The world is full of stimulation and rarely do we get a chance to focus on our breathing. By practicing Yoga it forces you to slow down and will help you grow as a person.

6. Avoid Negative and Limiting Speech

Before I discovered the secret law of used a lot of negative speech in my daily life. Any speech which contains limited beliefs is only going to hurt your chances of growth. The subconscious mind is constantly learning from the way we think, talk, and interact with the world. If you are not feeding it good info, then it will not produce the results you desire. Likewise, if you move forward on a daily basis with complete confidence you can over time develop more confidence.

7. Take Notice of Strong Negative Feelings Internally

Negative feelings and emotions are so powerful that they can actually damage our body on the cellular level. The tension and discomfort associated with negative thoughts permeates every inch of our body. Instead, try to keep your body at ease all the time, even during stressful situations. Utilizing deep breathing, yoga, and other techniques described in this article you can begin to maintain a sense of ease, even during the most stressful situations.

8. Track Your Progress By Keeping a Journal

Maintaining a journal is a powerful way to keep track of the changes you experience during this process. In most cases, the change is so slow that if on doesn’t document it, you will never realize how much improvement you have actually made. In my case, I have a hard time remembering what life was like before I become more successful and stress free. The act of documenting this process in a journal can be therapeutic and help track your progress along the way.

9. Maintain a Constant State of Gratitude and Thanks

If fear, worry, and doubt are the enemy, then gratitude and thanks are your friends. The feeling of gratitude will put you in a positive vibration that will permeate every fiber in your being. The creative process is one that is amplified by gratitude and thanks and destroyed by competition and fear. These negative emotional states close the brain down to the creative energy and information available to everyone in the universe. On the other hand, when your in a positive state the creative power in the universe is free to flow into your.

10. Act as if You’ve Already Reached Your Goals

Self-help gurus have different names for this, but the basic concept is one of going to the movies in your mind. By envisioning your life as if you have already succeeded, you are forcing the subconscious mind to create a road map to reach your goals. This part of your brain is thousands of times smarter than the conscious portion, therefore, utilizing it can help accelerate your success. One of my favorite tactics is to picture my life with the wealth I know I will have in the future. I wake up in my beautiful house, take a swim in my pool, my chef cooks me breakfast, then I’m off to work. This process motivates me to work even harder to reach my goals.

Bonus: Add Emotion and Feeling Into the Process

Your mind is moved the most by those thoughts and actions that have the most feeling. Simply doing affirmations is not enough, those affirmations must be filled with strong emotion to really move the needle. That’s why when I do affirmations I will occasionally yell them out loud, or get a little angry while I say them. This is to let my mind know that I’m serious about attaining these goals and it’s time to put it in high gear. I’m sure we have all been in a situation in life where your back is against the wall and you must react immediately and boldly to make it. These types of situations are my favorite because I know when the pressure is on, I will be at my best.

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