Changing Paradigms – How Do You Do It?

a picture of a Man breaking paradigms through vision

a picture of a Man breaking paradigms through vision

Changing Paradigms can be essential to achieving and attracting what you desire into your life. 


We all have them whether you are aware of them or not. Some serve us and others prevent us from having more from life.

So what are they and why are they there? A paradigm by definition is: “a typical example or pattern of something”, “a model”. So what a subconscious paradigm is to us is a pattern or programing through constant repetition of a thought, phrase, belief, or habit.

Let me come at this another way. Pretend your mind has two halves, a conscious and a subconscious. Your conscious mind filters and protects what you don’t want from getting to your subconscious mind. When a thought gets to the subconscious it becomes real whether it is or not. Your mind believes it is real and moves your body into the vibration in accordance with that thought. When you are in a vibration, you attract other like vibrations to you. This is exactly how the law of attraction works, but most people try and get “X” thought into their subconscious and never do. Then they say it doesn’t work.

So how do we get a thought past the conscious mind to the subconscious? Simple. How do you get good at anything? Through constant repetition. This is why when I teach something to someone I will typically tell them to repeat whatever step I give them every day for 90 days! You need to beat these new practices and thoughts into your mind until they become second nature and part of you. You accelerate this by adding movement and feeling to them. If the feeling for a thing is strong enough you can impress a thing upon the subconscious in a second. This is why a traumatic experience will stick straight in your subconscious mind. You associate deep thoughts and feelings with it. When you start to learn the principles of attraction, the whole world starts to open up to you in a very beautiful way.

Now as far as thoughts and beliefs that do not serve us and limit us, this law is also how unwanted thoughts got into our heads. If we are not conscious about what and who we are around, then unwanted beliefs and habits will penetrate our minds by simply being around them long enough. Can you still remember cartoons when you were a kid? Why is this. You were probably watching a cartoon or show that made you “feel good” and during the commercial break you remained in a good, open minded, positive vibration and had your “mental guard down“.  That is why I can still sing the Ham’s beer commercial to this day. I was in a good vibration enough times with an open mind and through constant programing in literally snuck into my head. Maybe our parents were on to something when they said they didn’t want us to hang out with so and so. Here is an example: Whether you believe in crime or not, if you hang around a burglar long enough, you will slowly begin to justify and accept it. Wait long enough and you will most likely become a burglar yourself.

This is the power of consistent repetition. So you choice from here on is, what do you want to be in your mind? One you learn these skills you no longer have an excuse. You get to decide what you want and what you want to believe in. It truly is beautiful to see the lights go on in someones head when they start to understand this law.

So to summarize, a paradigm is a belief in your head that was put there through repetition. doesn’t matter if it is good or bad, the subconscious doesn’t decider that, only the conscious can filter and decide. Now you know how hypnosis works. It simply bypasses the conscious and goes straight to the subconscious. Once you get to the subconscious with a thought or belief you want, you still need to nurture and continue to impress that thought. Catering to the mind is a daily routine and if you slack off, then the world will impress it’s thoughts in your mind for you and you’ll go right back to where you started.

This is one of the best pieces of advise and knowledge I could ever give you that you may not already know. Please read through this a few times and let it really sink into your mind what I am talking about. I know you will have all kinds of instances that will come to mind where this will make a lot of sense. I would love to take the credit for this knowledge, but it is simply passed down from coach to coach and now to you.

Be sure to read my new review on Bob Proctors new program Six minutes to success.


Six Minutes To Success Review – Change Your Life Today With Bob Proctor’s Course


My Personal Six Minutes To Success Review

6 Minutes To Success is the very first Bob Proctor course that I ever purchased in my journey to find my real purpose in life. The program is so simple yet so powerful and really changes your mindset throughout the day. It really helps you start to understand what you focus on you manifest into your life. Not only that but really opens your eyes to habits and beliefs in our lives that have crept in from one source or another that truly limit our potential in life. We like to call these “limiting paradigms”. They are the true killer to any and all success. Once you learn them, you can see and understand how they not only prevent you, but others from achieving what they desire in life. Let me take things a step further and give you my personal review below in video form.

Maybe You Can Relate To My Story

Life wasn’t always peaches and cream, far from. I was 34, single, working in a career that I grew up in (construction) but really did not love or have any kind of passion for. My gut always told me that there was more to life and I needed to find it, but I just kept putting off that feeling for about 14 years. Always knowing there was more to life but just not doing anything because I was comfortable in what I was doing. It was easy and I made decent money. I didn’t have the guts to change. I had lost that inner man that I knew I had inside of me, but became week and lazy over the years. It wasn’t until one day I looked in the mirror and noticed my hair was falling out! Literally, and not just my head but I couldn’t grow a beard anymore because I had bald patches all over my face where hair used to grow! I was shocked and googled what could cause this. The answer I found, “stress and unhappiness”. Seriously, that is what it said. Now I take good care of myself physically and by what I eat so I care about my health a lot. This was not acceptable. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me the guts to say NO MORE! In that moment I knew what I had to do as I had been avoiding it for 14 years. I immediately started meditating and randomly dumbed across some old Bob Proctor videos on youtube. I started watching them for hours every day. after a week I Decided to call and sign up for this Six minutes to success program (it was the least expensive they offered). I watched the videos every morning and started to enjoy what Bob and Sandy were trying to get across to me. Me being the person I am wanted more, so I called the company and asked about other programs and soon signed up for personal coaching. I soon after sold my business and started a completely new business that I am happy and passionate about. Most important I wake up happy and my hair is growing back!!! No joke. I can have a beard again and hairs on my head are starting to pop through.

Six Minutes To Success Program Now Has A Great New Update For 2016:

I just recieved an email from Bob’s team at Proctor Gallagher Institute that is telling me you can’t purchase this right away. I was a little shocked and confused until I read a little more. Before you even get the option to buy it, you have to try it for FREE! I have to say I was shocked and a little jealous. How does this get better? All it takes is your name and email on the signup form when you click the link below. I would use your best email as some of your free videos will be sent to the address you enter. This is a win – win – win here. It is so good in fact, that I signed back up and the first video is awesome. You will get a video right away when you sign up. Then you will be emailed over the following days a few more videos. Once the trial is over, they will provide a place to purchase the program. I’m also told that they added a new purchase level that will have added features that I never originally got when I first purchased this 18 months ago. They just keep stacking the cool and it is to your advantage as it is offered to you right below. This is such a great offer. I can’t wait to see you change your life as I did mine! Be sure to sign up while the offer is available.

So What Do You Get And How Does It Work?

Great question. How it works is you can click one of the “get started” links above or below and you will be asked for you name and email. The email you enter will be where Bob will send you your first 3 video’s for Free. After the 3 video’s you will be given 2 options to continue on with the program.

  • One option is $49.95 a month which is the only option I had when I went through the program.
  • The second is a new option for $99.95 a month and has some added fetures and bonuses that Bob Talks about in his videos.

So people who enjoy the fast track will opt for the second option, but I can only talk about the first as it is what I personally purchased. After you get the program, you will start to recieve a new 4-6 minute video along with an audio and pdf version (for just listening or reading) every morning. The idea is to wake up and start off your day with a new video every morning. Some will have new ideas to think about or pay attention to throught the day and others may have a dialy challange. This doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but just starting off your day with these simple videos start to alter the way you look at things and makes you notice some things that may have been preventing you from success before. Starting simple and small can be very powerful as it was in my case. I won’t be offing this if I didn’t believe in it I assure you.

The Pros And Cons:


  • Only takes 6 minutes a day.
  • Affordable on a tight budget. (which is why I started here)
  • Videos are easy to follow.
  • Powerful advice for a short video.
  • Starts the day off right.
  • Leads to better things in your life.
  • Bob is a great coach and easy  to understand.


  • It is only 6 minutes a day (I crave more)
  • There are only 320 videos
  • Not all of the videos are Bob, some are Sandy
  • I can’t find any coupons for it to save money.


If you are here reading this, then I would venture to say that you are still searching for more like I was! This may seem like a simple program, but I assure you that it has changed my life forever and it can change yours as well. Bob is a master when it comes to personal development and I have yet to purchase one of his courses and regret it. Please don’t wait to go after your dreams like I did. You have all kinds of options here at law of attraction coaching from free, to high-end courses from myself and Bob Proctor.

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I will mention that Bob also has a brand new program out called Magic In Your Mind. You might want to check it out as it has the best of the best from all of his programs packed into a 42 days course.

Tell Us Your Story!

If you have purchased this or have any questions, be sure to comment below!


Ancient Secrets Of Kings Review – Winter Vee’s New Course

Ancient Secrets of Kings Review

The Ancient Secrets Of Kings

When I first started this course, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I had a hard time believing that dead kings held the secret to my success. After reading a lot of the positive reviews online I decided to give it a try and purchase the program. I’m very happy I did. This is a fully digital course that reveals the secrets that kings and successful people have used for thousands of years to gain unlimited wealth and happiness. Most people have heard of “The Secret” and the Law of Attraction, but most people don’t recognize why these concepts don’t work for them. The course reveals the #1 reason why these “secret laws” don’t work on everyone. They also explain the one thing you must do to start attracting the success, wealth, and happiness into your life today.

The 3-Pillars Of The Kings:

China – Creating Boundaries

Creating boundaries is a necessary ingredient to becoming successful. Without setting clear boundaries it’s difficult to stay focused on your goals. Boundaries help keep you immune from the daily distractions of life that slowly break you down. As a successful small business owner I learned the importance of setting boundaries with my employees early on. If you don’t set boundaries with your employees then they will walk all over you. It’s also important to do this early on in your relationship because boundaries are much harder to change after they are set. I see why Winter Vee started with the China Pillar as the opening lesson. Setting boundaries is your first step to create the foundation you need for success in your life.

2. Egypt – Creating Abundance

Creating Abundance is the next pillar in the series. In this pillar you will learn why “the secret” doesn’t work for everyone and how you can make it work for you. They also reveal why having a positive mindset and avoiding negative people is critical for your success. Through experience I have learned that surrounding myself with positive people is essential for success. Negative people will only bring you down and hurt your creativity. Bob Proctor in his teachings says we should remove negative people form our life if we want to think and grow rich, and I agree with this completely. The Egyptian Pillar of intros course will help give you the tools to bring abundance into your life by first creating abundance within yourself.

3. Israel – Creating Peace in Your Life

Creating peace in your life is essential to bring in success and fortune. The Israel Pillar teaches you the key to creating riches is to establish peace with yourself first. This Israel Pillar also teaches you to avoid the enemy of peace, anger. Once you have created inner peace the next step is to begin making money. This chapter will give you the tools you need to cultivate inner peace and avoid anger. The next technique they teach you is how to train your brain to take advantage of resources at your disposal in life. Instead of dwelling and focusing on the things you lack, begin recognizing and utilizing all the resources you have available. By focusing on all the opportunities in your life you will create an abundance mentality that will move you towards your goals.

This course Will Teach You:

– Setting boundaries is critical and you must do this in order to be successful
– Self-discipline and self-control are critical if you want to succeed
– Attract positivity into your life and reject negative influences
– What it really takes to be great in life
– How to create abundance in your life
– Learn the secret Law of Attraction
– Learn how to find true happiness

Plus, when you order now, you get the following self improvement audio programs.

– Million Dollar Mind
– The Success Advantage
– Credit Score Secrets
– Personal Reflections Guide
– Being a Winner Subliminal Music
– Achieve Peak Performance Subliminal Music
– Reach Your Goals Subliminal Music

Click Here To Get Started

This self improvement course includes a huge amount of bonus products. In total, these bonus products alone are worth the small fee to purchase the course. This is a must buy game changing program that over delivers on every front.

Ancient Secrets of Kings Bonus Courses
In conclusion, This program blew me away! The information contained in this e-course is some of the best I have seen. The only way you will not succeed after learning this is if you fail to take action and apply the principles in your life. For thousands of years successful people have used these secrets to manifest their dreams. Isn’t it your turn? If your ready to have a life filled with wealth, success, and happiness then click on the link below and start your journey to freedom.

If you are ready to make a change, you can get instant access here!

Now I understand you may not know me on a personal level so why trust what I say? Well, you don’t have to. You are protected with this course. If you decide within 60 days of purchase it just wasn’t for you, then you can get a full refund. This is one of the reasons why I am happy to do a review on this. I don’t like to give offers that I don’t believe in, don’t have a good history, I haven’t used, or don’t have some sort of protection to them. There are so many schemes and scams that it can be tough filtering through the good and the bad for the everyday person just looking to get ahead. Just the fact that this is Winter’s 2nd product should at least tell you that he is not a fly by night person.

My goal is to offer you programs that make a difference. Some connect with certain people and others do not. The goal is to find what works best for you to get you to that next level. If this isn’t it, then no worries, I know I have some that can. Lets get you to a place in life where happiness outweighs everything else. I know we can do it, believe in yourself, I do.