About Law Of Attraction Coaching


As for me I was lucky enough to have been trained by some of the best coaches in the world (Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Etc..) to bring you the best in The Law Of Attraction. I’ve had more than 19 years personal experience with personal growth and 3 years of 1 on 1 training. I’m personally retired from my old “career” as a general contractor. It was never my passion but a safe way to make a living. After I met Bob Proctor, “safe” would no long be a good word to me. I created a whole new online business with the help of Bob’s coaching and left that wretched job. My passion now is teaching others to gain success and happiness in life through using the Law of attraction and vibration. I seriously wake up happy every morning and I couldn’t say that 3 years ago. I truly believe you can change your life for the better when you have the right guidance. Forget the money you can make, let’s just start by adding passion back into your life and becoming happy again! That is worth all the money there ever was. We can truly help you accomplish this.


Seth is the relationship guru and media genius of the 2 of us. He was a little further ahead than most when we got together. He went to real estate school and had had successful businesses before he was even 30. After selling them and semi-retiring, he and I started a mastermind group that has now led to this website along with a whole host of other businesses.

He and I both constantly study personal development and expand that knowledge whenever possible and take extending coaching across the US. We have collectively spent ten’s of thousands of dollars or furthering our study and knowledge and will continue to do so. When we discover something great, we share it with you here, on the social profiles, or in our free email newsletters. I’ve only had to pull one course so far as it didn’t live up to our standards. We don’t want to sell anything that is hype or crap. It doesn’t help you or us to do so. I imagine everything we offer as if I was asking myself to buy it. If Seth or I say no, then we can it.


Continued training and coaching never ends for us and neither should it for you. We strive to stay ahead of the game and by constant learning the latest and greatest to bring you the best of the best in all that we do. Our goal: To help you break through any limitations you may have to reach a higher life experience. This is what happened for us and we would like to pass it on to you. There is no greater gift in life than giving!

If you are curious to know more, go to the home page and click on our current offer for a Free 10 day E-course. This is a great way to start at no cost and if you take the time to go through it all, there is GREAT value in it! After you have gone through the E-course, you can then take the next step and use one of the great programs we offer through Bob Proctor. The first one I would recommend is what I started out with: Six minutes to success. It is a helpful tool that would inspire me every morning. After that, if you are craving more much like I was, you can hop over and grab the Magic In Your Mind program. Any of Bob’s programs are truly worth every dollar and I don’t just say that because we are students of his, but because he creates results time and time again. By The time you have expanded these options we will have out 1 on 1 coaching up and available for the ultimate in results coaching.