Attracting Wealth Tips

I would like to lay down some tips for using the law of attraction.

Attraction is just that, it works just like a magnet. What causes the pull or the push is your vibration. Your thoughts create your feelings which creates your vibration. Everything starts in the mind with our thoughts. EVERYTHING. Ever have one of those days where you wake up in a bad mood and things just start to keep spiraling down and get worse and worse? Conversely, have you ever had a day where everything just seemed to flow and work, all day was just great with a super high of joy and excitement? These good days tend to be shorter as well as far and few between only because of our beliefs or paradigms. I can hear mine ringing in my head right as I write this. We tend to have picked up false beliefs over time that we don’t deserve to have or be happy every day.

Where does this come from?! As much as some may argue we need to dig and find out which may help, just noticing that you have it at all is a great start. What do we do from here? Well, we don’t get rid of a paradigm, we simply replace it.

Most of what I teach will almost sound like I am repeating myself and there is a reason. Repetition is the mother of all skill. We create a new paradigm through repetition. You can do this with anything good and bad. attract abundance

Want to start attracting more of anything in your life?

Let’s give you an exercise. To do this, you will need to commit a minimum of 15 minutes a day for 90 days. If you are not willing to do this then you are not ready for a more fulfilled life. If you want change, you have to be willing to change and do something new. Your old ways are not going to bring you anything different than you already have.

Now, This works best right out of bed in the morning and incorporate movement, so a morning walk would be great or just move around the house but get your body into it.

For 15 minutes, here is the breakdown:

  • The first 5 minutes speak out loud all the things that you are grateful for. I include, family, friends, God, health, your home, your car, your kids…everything and anything you are grateful for. We can all be grateful for something.
  • Now for the last 10 minutes, we are going to create and say your new statement. Here is an example that I would use “I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in increasing quantities, through multiple sources, on a continuous basis” Whatever statement you want or make up, be sure to have it start “I am so happy and grateful now that..”. Now when you say this don’t just say it, but picture it in your mind as being real. See it as already done. Put as much feeling and emotion behind it as you can.

It may be a little hard the first couple time, but you will get better as you go. Do everything as stated above for 90 days straight. If you miss a day, you have to start over. Seriously. This exercise alone can change your entire life for the better, forever if you let it.

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