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Changing Paradigms – How Do You Do It?

Changing Paradigms can be essential to achieving and attracting what you desire into your life.    We all have them whether you are aware of them or not. Some serve us and others prevent us from having more from life. So what are they and why are they there? A paradigm by definition is: “a […]

Understanding The Law Of Attraction

Did you know that the law of attraction is always working? It’s like gravity – whatever comes up, must come down. So, how does the Law of Attraction really work? Read on to find out: The Law Of Attraction Explained Imagine the mind…


10 Secrets to success in 2020

10 Secrets To Success Our brains have the ability to process very large amounts of information on a daily basis. The subconscious mind is constantly processing and analyzing the millions of pieces of data our brain takes in on a daily basis. Many believe that the subconscious brain is completely out of our control and […]


Magic In Your Mind Review – Bob Proctor

Magic In Your Mind – Bob Proctor   Do you have Magic in Your Mind? Bob Proctor, the legendary self-improvement and success coach says you do. Bob just released a new self-help course that features the best law of attraction coaching available. Created by the Proctor Gallagher Institute to help you develop your inner faculties […]

We Share Some Of Our Favorite Law Of Attraction Quotes

The law of attraction is as old as the universe itself, yet very few seem to understand it. Simply put, the law states that what we think about we become. Our mind is the most powerful force in the universe, yet the majority of people never even consider the central role their mind plays in […]


Bob Proctor Streaming Club Review

I put off reviewing Streaming Club for a long time because I never personally purchased it until now. Man am I glad that I did. This really is amazing!

Why This Is Worth It
I have only been using this for a few months now and have already gained way more value than I originally expected. I honestly bought into the program because I was tired of hearing about it and wanted to give an honest review about it. Normally in this case a program will turn out to be just ok, but I am more than pleased with streaming club…

3 Reasons to Start an Online Business Today

In this video Seth from Law of Attraction Coaching gives you the top 3 reasons to start an online business today. Let’s face it, owning an online business gives you the freedom to be your own boss. Plus, if you set it up correctly you can work…

Tai Lopez 67 Steps To Success Course Review

I am sure that you have heard his name before. Tai Lopez is a world renowned self-improvement coach, teacher, and entrepreneur. Unlike other gurus in the industry, Tai was born lower class and hit rock bottom when he was sleeping on his friend’s couch with $47 dollars in his bank account. During public speeches, he talks about this being the turning point in his life and the real source behind his motivation. After many years of hard work and persistence, Tai finally rocketed out of obscurity through a YouTube video that he filmed in the garage of his Hollywood Hills home. I’ll include it here: Now, like me, unless you have been living under a rock, you have likely seen this video…

Meta Secret – What is it?

Welcome To our Meta Secret Blog I wasn’t sure if we wanted to add a blog or not, but after some deliberation I figured it was a great way for everyone to comment and interact, as well as ask questions. Even though we have a contact page I realize some people feel better about just […]