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Welcome To our Meta Secret Blog

I wasn’t sure if we wanted to add a blog or not, but after some deliberation I figured it was a great way for everyone to comment and interact, as well as ask questions. Even though we have a contact page I realize some people feel better about just a quick comment so here you go!

We look forward to sharing new and old when it comes to the law of attraction. Some of the best information still out there is almost 100 years old if not older. Modern information is simply a new spin on what our forefathers have been trying to teach us since day one.

I look forward to sharing:

  • Reading material that can help boost your journey as it did mine.
  • Videos, as I love visual.
  • Audio programs
  • Paid cd and dvd programs

I personally used a combination of all of these. It took some time to break down some of my old paradigms, so don’t feel lost or like things aren’t working. It may not happen tomorrow, but keep at it and it will start to turn. I would say most of my changes started happening right around day 100-110. After listening and watching everyday, my stubborn mind started to let in change. Give yourself at least 90 days before you start to judge or feel lost. Now remember, that is 90 days WITHOUT missing a single day!

Be sure to check out s!ome of our other programs like Bob Proctor’s 6 minutes to success program.

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