Grant Cardone your rich quoteGrant Cardone is an American born motivational speaker and best-selling author. Grant is considered by some to be the leading sales training professional in the United States. Born in 1958, Grant has worked all around the United States in different industries before stepping out and starting his own companies. Cardone has a real estate portfolio valued at over 350 million dollars as well as owning multiple other sales training companies. Grant is a best-selling author and very popular public speaking who travels around for speaking engagements and business dealings. Cardone teaches entrepreneur to conquer their fears and instead pursue their dreams boldly. Best known for his sales training, he also ties in motivational speaking to his events. I recently had the opportunity to watch Grant speak at the 10 Pillars of wealth event at Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas Nevada. He rocked the house with an impassioned speech about his life, loves, and business exploits. Going into detail about some of his business dealings including buying a 250 person apartment complex in Austin Texas. Although he holds significant real estate holdings, his primary business is Cardone University, the most popular sales training course in the world. Cardone University features training in selling 101, selling basics, understanding the buyer, the sales process, theory of closing, closing strategies, incoming calls, prospecting, follow-up, 100 ways to stay motivated, top traits of great sales people, internet lead response, personal finances, handling objections, and cold calling. The Grant Cardone sales training is without a doubt the most comprehensive sales training on the planet. Each of those separate categories have in some cases 100’s of videos, courses, and training material in them. All business people are selling something, and if you are looking for the best sales training in the world then this is it.

During Grant’s speech at the 10 Pillars of Wealth event in Las Vegas Nevada who spoke on dominating your market. From his perspective, it’s not enough to simply compete in the marketplace, instead one must dominate the marketplace. There are thousands of tactics you can use, but one of the most important is to be aggressive during market crisis. During a market crisis similar to 2008, a huge credit freeze took hold of all markets including real estate, stocks, and business loans. When the markets come to a sudden freeze than people who are using leverage, and have limited cash are basically instantly bankrupt. As the old saying goes, “when the tide goes out, suddenly you can see who’s swimming naked.” That is essentially how the credit market works. In a lot of cases, banks will “call in notes” during times of market crisis. At that point, the person holding the note would be required to come to the table with enough cash to pay off the balance of the loan. If you are using massive leverage for real estate purchases, then you could find yourself stuck in an impossible situation. The plus side to this possible scenario is if your prepared, and have available cash to buy distressed asset, you can really expand into the marketplace.

Through his presentation, he discussed the topic of market share in great depth. Essentially, in this complex and fragile world economy, it’s not enough to simply compete in your market. Instead, you should look for ways to dominate your specific niche or market. For example, if you own a health food company, you don’t simply want to be another health food brand out there, instead, you should be the biggest health food brand. In other words, when people think about eating healthier, they should see your face. The majority of the world’s biggest companies reply this tactic on a regular basis. Cellar phone companies like Verizon Wireless runs promotions that they will buy you a new $500 dollar iPhone if you switch to them. The reason they will make such a seemingly amazing deal, is they know that if you switch over to their phone service, within a year or so they will make their money back. In other words, they are looking at it from a long-term perspective. Short term profits are not as important as overall market share and domination to large companies. Another example of this concept would be when Wall-Mart moves into a new area and opens a store. For the first few years they might keep their prices artificially low in order to drive the other competitors out of the marketplace, then once they have a monopoly they will raise their prices. Grant explains how this is a great tactic for running your business if you are looking to dominate your market for the long-term.

Grant Cardone is more than just a sales person and some of his most powerful training comes in the form of motivational speaking. In fact, I believe he is one of the most talented motivational public speakers. During his Las Vegas speech he talked about how important it is to not have negative people in your life. In his opinion, the source of all the negativity in the world has to do with the media and how they constantly only report on bad things happening around planet earth. His advice of for people looking to be more successful in life and business is to not watch the news, but instead make the news. In other words, you should be so busy living your life and chasing your dreams that you don’t have time to criticize others. Furthermore, successful people are not threatened by the success of others because they are not competing with others. The truth is, when you put this type of laser focus into your business then you can’t help but succeed. The other big thing that separates winners from losers is that winners take big action. In fact, the process of taking action and failing is one of the best ways to learn to be successful. Furthermore, if you are afraid to take action and never attempt anything risky, you won’t have any mistakes to learn from. Plus, if you work hard and capitalize on enough opportunities then eventually you will reach your goals. I highly recommend all of Grant Cardone’s books and sales training course if you are looking to be a better salesman or if you are looking to make more money in general.

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