When Tai Lopez first burst on the scene he received a lot of criticism from people in the industry for flaunting a Lamborghini and a mansion. Many in the self-improvement community speculated that it was a rental or the house didn’t belong to him.

Over the years Tai Lopez has proved his worth and solidified himself as one of the top Law of Attraction coaches in the business today. The reason I really like Tai is he takes a different approach then a lot of the other self-help coaches out there because he teaches people how to learn. One of the biggest takeaways from his presentations for me was the fact that he reads a book every day. In his opinion, if he could have one super power it would be the ability to speed read. According to Tai’s perspective, knowledge is power and he has a gigantic thirst for knowledge. In his training course he teaches people how to Smart Read, which allows them to skim through a book and completely devour the main points in 1-2 hours. The technique is simple, start by reading the introduction, the cover, and the author reviews.

Next, he focuses on reading the first line of each chapter in the book. His reading style involves taking “multiple passes” through a book to ascertain the big picture. From there, he delves deeper into the details on his third pass by reading the first and last chapter in its entirety. Tai believes by performing this simple technique for each book he reads gives him a big picture summary of the main points the book is seeking to convey. According to Tai, there’s no need to go through and read every word of a book. The simple act of reading the summary, first and last chapter, and reading the first line of every paragraph tells him all he needs to know. Of course, if a certain paragraph or chapter sticks out he will delve deeper into he details, but for most books this is unnecessary. Furthermore, he is a firm believer in reading books more than once. In fact, he separates his thousands of books into different categories including self-help, classics, and autobiography.

His philosophy is to pick a core group of 10-20 books that he reads over and over. Some of these books could be self-help, some classics, others autobiographies. Other books he designates to “one time reads” and simply will Smart Read the book once and let it sit on the bookshelf collecting dust. Tai also goes into detail about reading books at certain times of the day. For example, he likes to read self-improvement books in the morning, while saving autobiographies for right before bed. He feels autobiographies are best read at night to instill courage and motivation in you while you sleep.

Tai Lopez is also a big fan of taking naps during the middle of the day. He doesn’t take long naps, but a short 10-15 minute cat nap will suffice. In fact, many of the great thinkers and business leaders throughout history have preached the positive effects of a short nap during the day.

Overall, I believe Tai Lopez can be added to the list of great self-improvement teachers of our time. The tactic of flaunting his incredible wealth in order to peak the interest of the YouTube generation has proven effective. Tai is constantly justifying this action by saying if it gets more people to read books then it’s worth it to him. For years I have searched the globe and the internet looking for the best teachers of our time. After meeting Tai on several occasions I am confident that he belongs amongst the greats like Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins. Tai’s online course is based primarily on helping you financial and as a business owner. While he doesn’t teach specific techniques for accumulating wealth, his big picture ideas are the framework you need no matter which profession you are in.

The 67 days of training are based on how long it takes for your body to pick up a new habit. The technique of slowly feeding you information will keep you engaged and help create lasting results in your life. I would highly recommend you sign up or his training series at