Signs Your Manifestation is Close


your Manifestation is close

As humans, our mind is a goal-seeking mechanism. But how do you work towards achieving your goals? Maybe you’ve heard of manifestation. Manifestation can be defined broadly, but it essentially means you are putting something into physical reality via your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. You can also look at it this way – everyone acts in accordance with their identity and a person’s world is a direct reflection of them. As Louise Hays said, “The Universe totally supports us in every thought we choose to think and believe. Our subconscious mind accepts whatever we choose to believe. They both mean that what I believe about myself and my life becomes true for me.”

Manifestation is more than wishful, or willful thinking. You must choose who you are going to be, and what you want to do/happen and live your life that way at all times. For example, if you want to become a travel blogger you must begin to lead your life, and think of yourself, as a travel blogger. You see, in order to take inspired actions and manifest that goal, you must act and think as though you are already there. When you are in alignment with yourself, the universe will flow to you, and through you. In return you will feel more in sync and encounter more opportunity than if you had waited around for something, or someone else to propel you into your desired realm. But, how do you know your manifestation is working? Below we will discuss the signs the Universe will present you when you are on the verge of a breakthrough.

Signs Your Manifestation is Coming

You Will Get Signs From Other People When Your Manifestation is Close

When you manifest your desires the universe will begin to speak to you through other people. Yes, through OTHER people. Imagine you had been scoping out a new area in town and you want to move there. Now imagine someone you know (or a stranger!) says “Hey did I see you on ____ Street yesterday? I could have sworn I saw you taking out the trash” and you know for a fact that the person they saw was not you. Or let’s say you have been thinking about writing a book/blog/etc but you haven’t told anyone about this aspiration of yours. When you’re close to your breakthrough, someone may say something in conversation along the lines of “Ive noticed you’re really passionate about _____. You should really write a book or something.” Do you see where we’re going here? When you’re close to manifesting your success, the universe will use other people to speak through you to confirm that you are on the right path.

You Have a Feeling That Something Good is Going to Happen to You When Your Manifestation is Close

The universe may show you that you are on the right track, or on the edge of a breakthrough by giving you a strong sense that something is going to happen to you soon. Have you ever just had a feeling, or felt that you already knew something was going to happen before it occurred? This is a manifestation sign. When you get this intuition about something you have been manifesting, it is a big sign that your manifestation breakthrough is on its way. Don’t get confused though – you may have a feeling that something is coming, but the signs, or evidence, in your life can still be pointing in all the wrong directions. Just because something seems as though it’s not going to go your way, your intuition is not wrong because the future is not determined by the present. You may be wondering how you can feel these thoughts of something big happening to you on a deeper level, but you see that all the signs are pointing the opposite direction. When this happens you need to let your positive thoughts, your intuition of something coming, lead you along the path to success. Trust yourself and this manifestation sign.

Signs in Your Dreams

Dreams, or the importance of dreams, can vary greatly from person to person. Dreams sometimes make no sense at all, sometimes they feel familiar, and sometimes they are scarily accurate. Dreams are like a reflection of your subconscious mind and it shows you a variety of things. Some people claim they don’t remember them, and others are able to recount what they dreamed about multiple nights in a row. Usually, when manifestation is near, you will probably dream about it. A good way to pave the path to sensing your manifestation through dreams is to practice. By practice, we mean imaging what you want to bring into existence when you lay down for bed at night. This can help you use your dream space to put your unconscious mind onto what you want, and what you are trying to manifest into physical existence. When dreams begin to feel like you have started seeing signs, it is a sign that your manifestation is close.

Bad Things Appear To Be Happening To You When Your Manifestation is Close

When manifestation is near it may seem as though bad, or negative, things keep happening to you. This may present as a drop in confidence, things feel like they are falling apart, you may begin to feel alone, or question yourself and your goals. All of these instances are just stepping stones to your breakthrough. Remember, progress equals chaos. Things must fall apart before they can fall together, and all of these things are necessary to deliver you to your end goal. Change is uncomfortable – don’t resist it. The universe won’t give you what you want until you grow to a new level. On the flip side, you may begin to feel happy for absolutely no reason. A deeper part of you knows that your breakthrough is coming, and in turn makes you feel strangely happy with no real reason presenting itself. When this happens, don’t fight it with limiting beliefs or look for things that are wrong. You are simply moving into alignment with yourself and getting close to manifesting your desires.

You Get an Indescribable Feeling of Calm When Your Manifestation is Close

When your manifestation is close, you’ will likely feel a sense of calm that doesn’t quite make sense, and that other people don’t understand or respect. This is a sign that you have let go. When you are in a place of holding on, you are really in a place of lack of confidence – you are not confident enough in yourself to let go. When you have an indescribable sense of calm it means that a deeper part of you actually already knows what you want is near. People may even begin to pressure you to work harder, try harder, push further because they want to help you make something happen. When you are not phased by these limiting beliefs because you are in such content and calm place, something big is on its way and your internal self knows it. Don’t take this as a sign to stop, or quit moving forward and working towards achieving your goals. Continue on as you would as you know that your breakthrough is coming and you are not frantic in your journey there.

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