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tai-lopez-law-of-attraction-coachWho Is Thai Lopez?

I am sure that you have heard his name before. Tai Lopez is a world renowned self-improvement coach, teacher, and entrepreneur. Unlike other gurus in the industry, Tai was born lower class and hit rock bottom when he was sleeping on his friend’s couch with $47 dollars in his bank account. During public speeches, he talks about this being the turning point in his life and the real source behind his motivation. After many years of hard work and persistence, Tai finally rocketed out of obscurity through a YouTube video that he filmed in the garage of his Hollywood Hills home. I’ll include it here:


Now, like me, unless you have been living under a rock, you have likely seen this video pop up on Youtube or as an add just about anywhere you look as you cruise around the internet. I got so annoyed of it at one point that I would yell out loud while he was talking so I didn’t have to hear it (This was before I actually listened and bought the course myself). I still laugh at that fact.

The video was created to advertise his 67 Steps self-improvement course in which he breaks down the key principles of being successful in any business venture you choose. In his legendary “here in my garage” video which has now been seen over 66 million times online, Tai Lopez shows off his new black Lamborghini in the background while talking about the importance of gaining knowledge.

What Is The 67 Step Program?

Tai Lopez’s flagship product is the 67 Steps program in which he goes into great detail about the mindsets, attitudes, and habits of successful people. This detailed self-improvement course goes into incredible depth about success and the specific strategies you must implement in your life to achieve it. The course is unique because it forces you to work through the program in steps, only unlocking the next video after you have to watch the previous one. For some, this is enough of a roadblock to discourage them right from the beginning. Tai’s longwinded explanations can sometimes get boring for people with short attention spans. For people serious about self-improvement, the course is set up perfectly to guide you through the material in bite-size pieces that are easy to internalize. Over the years I have listened to hundreds of self-improvement courses and have come to the conclusion that self-help is similar to baking a cake. It’s not enough to just have the proper ingredients, you must have those ingredients added to the recipe in the proper order. The 67 Steps is the perfect balance of hard hitting material and a well thought out delivery system.


Can You Tell Me More About The Program?

My goal in this review is not to give away the entire framework of the 67 course (as that would be a very long review), but I do want to address some of the key takeaways and insights I gained by listening through it. Let’s take a look:

Take full responsibility for your life. The truth is you are not owed anything in this life, but instead it’s up to you to create and achieve it. The majority of people expect things to be given to them, but in reality, you must put in the work and sacrifice to reach your goals. Those that make these sacrifices are part of the 1% who have goals and do what it takes to achieve them.

Be Adaptable to change. A great philosopher Heraclitus wrote that “the only thing constant is change.” This means that those who can adapt to the changing world will thrive, while those who can’t, will fall behind. It’s important to set goals and make plans, but more important to change2a63f0b739f8910d32f32dd57ec0d5c1 on the moments notice when your environment changes. The pace of technology is only going to accelerate and those who can adapt to these changes best will be the new leaders of the future.

Always be humble. Being humble is easy when you are unsuccessful, but as one becomes successful, then being humble seems to become more challenging. A good rule is to take on an attitude of constant learning and growth. Instead of thinking you know everything, try learning from all situations and you will see your growth skyrocket. Also, surround yourself with people smarter then you and your organization will grow and thrive.

Learn to sell. The biggest asset to any business is the salesperson. In the United States, a salesperson sometimes gets a bad rap. In reality, a good salesperson is the key to a successful organization. If your could learn one skill to make yourself more valuable it would be the ability to sell effectively. This skill set will transfer to any niche and any industry because all businesses need good salespeople.

Find a good mentor. Having a good mentor can dramatically increase your learning curve. There isn’t enough time to learn everything yourself, so instead learn from people who have come before you. A good mentor is a person who is successful, but not too far ahead of you. For example, if you only have $100 dollars to your name and your mentor is a billionaire your not going to have much in common. Instead, find a mentor who just become a millionaire and they may be able to offer you better advice.

Master your own thoughts. The biggest problem people have in this country is the ability to master their own thoughts. The mind can either be your biggest asset or liability, depending on how you have trained it. Bob Proctor talks about the importance of mastering your mind. In fact, if you could remove negative and limiting beliefs then your chances of success will magnify.

Master your time. Time is our most valuable asset in life. Many mistakenly believe money is, but when your health and time on earth runs out, you will quickly find which is more valuable. Successful entrepreneurs know how to manage time, and more importantly, know how to employ the help of other people to increase their productivity. Increase your free time by focusing on passive income instead of raising your hourly rate.


Pros And Cons:


  • Great value for the money
  • Great content
  • Video training VS reading
  • Continued upgrades for further education
  • Solid knowledge base.


  • He rambles on A LOT. Drives me nuts…lol. 
  • Youtube adds drive me nuts!

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Ending Thoughts…

Overall, Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps is one of the best self-improvement courses on the market. Over the last few years, Tai has become one of the biggest self-help gurus in the world and a social media powerhouse. His YouTube videos have been seen by well over 100 Million people and growing at a rapid pace. Aside from his successful self-improvement courses and online websites, Tai has a plethora of other companies involved in everything from clothing, swimsuits, to clubs and restaurants. Tai is constantly reading and learning new ideas which means that he won’t burn out and grow irrelevant like others in the self-help niche. If you are serious about making more money, I would recommend Tai’s 67 Steps course.


Tell Us Your Thoughts:

Sometimes this question can be a loaded gun, but I know a lot of our students have purchased this course so I would love to hear peoples feedback on it and just Tai in general.

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  1. Trenton
    Trenton says:

    I’m a super Tai fan! Always have been. I know he gets a bad rap a lot of the time, but I don’t agree. I’ve never seen anything that makes me not like him. Appreciate your thoughts too.


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