8 Tips To Attract Wealth With The Law Of Attraction

8 wealth attraction tips law of attraction success8 Tips To Attract Wealth Using The Law Of Attraction

Bringing prosperity, riches and happiness into your life is not difficult when you are doing it one-step at a time. In fact, the easiest way to see results is to begin with one thing. Here are 8 easy strategies that will help you establish and to attract prosperity, greater riches and happiness in your lifetime. Are you ready to get started? Remember, using the law of attraction to attract wealth into your life is not a quick fix solutions. Furthermore, the key to success in any practice is patience and consistency. If you are not persistent and working daily to achieve your goals you will have little success. Although, those who are persistent and won’t accept failure as an option will eventually succeed.

1. Write down your long-term goal.

Bob Proctor and other personal development teachers say that one of the most important things you can do is physically write down your goal on a piece of paper, and refer to it daily. You can put it on a sticky note on the mirror in the bathroom or keep it in your wallet. Whatever you do, make sure you refer to it every single day. By doing this you will put out into the universe your desire for your goals attainment, and over time the universe will deliver.

2. Use Affirmations

Write down the phrase riches, success, pleasure, delight, laugh, cash or any words that resonate with you as you. These words should be positive and true to you. Before you go to bed, ready these phrases out loud and to yourself for a least 5 minutes. Add extra emotion and energy into the phrases to execrate your learning curve. Over time, your subconscious mind will move into action and begin searching for the best way to attain your goals. Do not expect to see instant results from affirmations, but instead watch the gradual improvement over time. Eventually, these ideas will become second nature and change will happen effortlessly in your life.

3. Never Stop Being Grateful

Success comes to those who are grateful and appreciative of what they have. As the universe begins to open up to you, make sure you keep an open grateful heart.
Heavily focus on what you’re thankful for every day. Value matters which you have to want more. Give thanks and gratitude to people who have faith in you, your buddies who consistently support you and your body that’s working for you personally. Surround yourself with people who support your vision and your dreams. It may sound harsh, but you need to avoid people who put down your dreams and hamper your creativity. The truth of the matter is most people are stuck in negative paradigms and cannot envision a world where they are successful. In fact, Bob Proctor says to avoid places or people that have negative energy altogether. The reason being is because whether you like it or not, this negative vibration will rub off on you and affect you negatively. Keep a constant attitude of gratitude and the world will open up for you.

4. Affirm the Positive Feeling and Reject the Negative

In order to live in a constant state of positive vibration you must give permission to the positive feelings and disregard the negative ones. Thinking impact the sub-conscious mind the most when feeling and emotion is felt along with it. Negative feelings should be explored and understand, but never given permission to effect your state. In fact, your mental state is completely under your control if you choose for it to be. This means that you can no longer make excuses about how the outward world effects you, and instead choose to be positive and choose to be happy. The world is filled with so much joy and amazement and it’s up to you to look at the glass half full instead of half empty. This positive feeling will go out into the environment and attract like-minded things and individuals to you. By remaining in a negative state you will attract like minded negative people and situations into your life. Remember, you thinking controls you destiny, so think carefully.

5. Engage in Positive Actions

Participate in actions that will calm and soothe your body, mind, and spirit. Remember, in your very nature you are wild, and will feel the best when your away from the city and in nature. Get off your computer and instead go for a walk in the woods. Nature has the perfect vibration and you should spend is much time in those positive vibrational fields as possible. When you are participating in outdoor activity, don’t all your head to be caught up in dates, to-do lists, and work issues. Instead, explore “big picture” topics or picture what your life is going to be like once your achieve your dreams and goals. It’s also important for a certain amount of time to be present in the moment. One trick to bringing your mind back to the present moment is to focus on your deep breathing. The reason this works is if your focusing on your breathing your not thinking of anything else. Engage yourself in activities that feel good in your soul. Studies show that engaging in these activities can trigger your primitive instincts to come to the surface, and make you feel alive.

6. Work Up a Good Sweat

Sweating is a great way to release endorphins and improve your mood. I prefer to engage in physical activities that I actually enjoy, therefore I’m working out and having a good time. Of course things like runnings, kettle bell, biking, hiking, backpacking, or anything like that will definitely help your mood. You can also use things like a long hot shower, saunas, hot tubs, and steam rooms to get a good sweat going. Whatever you prefer to do, it’s important to work the physical body as well as the spiritual body. When you combine these two at the same time, you can really help improve your soul and body.

7. Rejoice in Success of Others

One of the most positive things you can do in your life is to be happy for the success of others. All the great leaders say that great progress happens when you move from the competitive plane to the creative plane. If you are not rejoicing in the success of others it’s impossible to move into the creative plane. In fact, you should have such am mindset where you love when people around you are successful. The old saying goes “a rising tide raises all ships” and this saying applies to success in business and life. Be happy for the success of others and that will bring more success to you. You should shoot for being in a positive state of mind as often as possible. You should be so confident in the work you are doing that you are happy when other people around you achieve victories. In return, they will be happy for you when you achieve your dreams, goals, and aspirations.
8. Don’t Forget to Keep Learning

No matter how smart you think you are, there’s always more to learn about happiness, success, and spirituality. There are thousands of self-improvement teachers out there, each with their own unique point of view. When learning something new it’s important to take what resonates with you, while ignoring what doesn’t seem correct in your gut. You don’t have to agree 100% with any one teacher in order learn something from them. Instead, just take that 1 or 2 gold nuggets that serve you, and ignore the rest.

Maybe consider Some of my favorites like Tony Robbins or Steven Covey

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